Saturday, April 6, 2013


Continuing with our a-z challenge, today is all about F.  Fairs!

Always check to see if there's a street fair when you travel.  Often they are free, and or a very minimal fee.  It's always a good time, be it arts, crafts, food, cars or something else.  This street fair took place on the main street in Park City, Utah and it was free.

Park City is generally thought of among skiers, but the summer offers much.  Plenty of outdoor activities.  We've vacationed there often and enjoyed  each and every trip there.  In fact, we have another one on the calendar for the upcoming summer months.

There's lots to see and do for every member of the family.
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  1. A fair can make a day out. I love food fairs but the one you've pictured above looks enjoyable and not even particularly a boys toys one as vehicle fairs often can be, appealing to all.

  2. Looks like a fun fair!

    Wow, you have a flurry of followers! ;-)

    Happy F-Day!
    Visiting from the Blog Park FB group.

    F is for Flannels

  3. I love fairs!! Appeals to the "kid" in me! Thank you for this post!!

    I haven't caught up to the F's yet with my late start, but will keep plugging along! Two down, four to go! ;)


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