Friday, April 5, 2013

Efficiency's Safe Money When Traveling

Coffee in your room is not only a convenience, but it can save you money and time when you're traveling.  Some hotel rooms have in room coffee, but you can't count on it.  Look for Efficiency's when you travel that have in room coffee makers, small dorm type refrigerator, and a microwave.  There are several good frozen options you can pop in the microwave for a quick bite that again saves you time and money when traveling.  Particularly if you're between locations and wanting to roll out of bed early in the morning and drive a full day.  You can easily have breakfast and dinner in your room.  Lunch of lunch meat cheese and yogurt will easily fit in the fridge, saving you money from eating every meal out.  Springhill Suites by Marriott is our favorite of these efficiency's when traveling.

Additionally they all have a sofa and desk so you don't have to sit on the bed when relaxing.  The sofa is a sleeper sofa if you have others traveling with you.  AND, they have a free breakfast of fruit, cereals and hot eggs etc in the lobby if you want to eat quickly before starting out.

Take efficiency's up a notch when you reach your final destination.  This is an efficiency kitchen area where we stayed in Aruba at Marriott's Surf Club.  Above are dishes and glassware and some reasonable storage if you don't over shop for supplies.  To the right of the kitchen is the bathroom and entrance into the well equipped quest room/efficiency.  Because all Marriott Time Shares (and many Springhills) have grills at the ready, it's possible to grill out and have a nice meal vs a costly dinner out.

And with either something you've tossed in the microwave or cooked on the grill you still have a place to sit and to eat on your balcony
or inside.  Might be hard to see as this was the morning we were checking out.  But the TV on the dresser is across from the bed, table and chairs next for your computer and or eating, with door to your private balcony.  The bed, unmade since it was our last morning prior to check out.
And you still have a view.  You also have a sleeper sofa which I neglected to get a photo of.  So, paying a bit more for an efficiency's saves you money eating all meals (like you would with a regular hotel room) out...and is less expensive then a larger condo unit.  After all, you have most of the comforts of home...and who's going to be spending much time indoors anyway?

Haven't traveled to many places that start with the letter E, but Effingham, Illinois , and the burial place of Edgar Allen Poe

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  1. You travel like I do. I love efficiencies. We stay at a mom and pop place in Panama City each summer...that has a full stove and fridge. I love this place. I feel as if I am staying in a suite!

  2. Thanks Stillmagnolia, we do enjoy going out some; but on our last trip to Southern CA, we cook every dinner in and only grab lunch out once, breakfast twice.


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