Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Huntington Beach California

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 A common sight at Huntington Beach, California.  People sleeping, eating, reading, and more along the beach walk area.  Places to sit both on the wall, and in the amphitheater area.  The beach walk area is filled with bikers, walkers, runners, roller bladders, and parents pushing strollers.  On the opposite side of the ocean you have the main drag with shops, bars and hotels doting the landscape.

Standing on one of many boardwalks you can see how wide the beach area is.  It's certainly not one of the prettier beach area's I've been to; but.......look at the space.  You can walk for miles.

There seemed to be plenty of places to rent bikes of all kinds, though not many were actually riding them.  It seems the sand isn't really packed hard enough to make riding on the beach fun or easy.  Notice one of the many piers and boardway areas in the background.
Life Guard Stations are prevalent throughout the walkway.  Being a life guard here is not like sitting in a chair along side a pool.  The stations are large, well equipped and a frequent site.
This is pehaps the most common site at Huntington Beach, surfers.  Click to enlarge so you can see the surfers.  Historically, the coast area was in inhabited by The Tongra people, or the Gabriellinois.  In 1909 after several name changes, Huntington Beach became incorporated.  It was named for Henry Huntington, a railroad magnet.  The area began to flourish due to the oil boom in 1920.  In 1925 Duke Kahanamoku brought the sport of surfing to area, and in 1953 the first surf shop opened.  Competitions, tv coverage and Huntington became a huge draw for surfers.  In 2005 the US Surf Team officially adopted it as their home base.
Though Huntington Beach was not the site where Beach Watch was filmed, it certainly looks the part with the volleyball, wide beach, beach walk area, surfers and life guard stations.
The water is cold, and everyone we saw that was in the water wore wet suits.

Strolling the piers be sure to dog down your hat, it's quite breezy.
The large sea birds seem to enjoy the attention they get while perched on the piers.

Huntington Beach seems like a happening place, a good day's outing from our condo at Marriott's Newport Beach.

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  1. This place looks gorgeous! Nothing like it in the Midwest, that's for sure.

    Thanks for sharing the awesome view...

    Herald Angel

  2. Wow. You sure get around, girl.

    And now you've picked a spot I have visited. It's lovely!

    By the way, this page too, about 10 minutes to load. I had three pop-up boxes, asking if I wanted to continue.

    Visiting from the Blog Park group ...

  3. Sounds like a great place to do nothing but relax as well as be active.

  4. I love these pictures. It's so sad. I lived in Texas for twenty-four years and never made it across the border.

  5. I have been here. Quite a pretty place.

    Just and FYI-I am on the letter "I". You can find it here...http://yaknowstuff.blogspot.com/2013/04/i-is-for.html

    You just happened upon a giveaway. ;)

  6. huntington beach I appreciate several from the Information which has been composed, and especially the remarks posted I will visit once more


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