Saturday, April 13, 2013

Loopy Road Leads to Landmark

(L post)
Please click to enlarge and see the loopy road beneath this overlook.  Look real carefully, you can see long away in the distance a car!  We drove this loopy road with all it's switchbacks and scenery from Palm Desert up the mountain, and back down on the other side to Temecula.

See what I mean about loopy roads, long away.  (Hey, it's another L word).

Aside from a photo opt with Hubby, it was a good to get out of the car a bit in order not to feel too dizzy.

AND...tadah, here we are at the Historic Landmark.   It's a bit hard to read, but tells us Lake Hemet Dam and Reservoir were built in 1895 to irrigate the Hemet-San Jacinto Valley.  It goes on to say this gravity arch masonary dam was the highest in the United States.  Must have been quite a marvel when it was built with granite from the canyon valley below.  You can spend time there camping, boating, and fishing.  There are 2 camp grounds and also rentals available.  AND if you want to do something really unique, you can go Rattle Snake Hunting....don't count me in for that adventure. 

It's a fun, loopy, bit long drive with lots of long away vistas.  But, hubby loves driving those types of roads.  If you're one to get car sick, take the freeway and arrive in the wine valley of Temecula without being dizzy.  We've taken this route twice; but after wine tasting it is not recommended you return by the same route.

It's a good day trip if you're staying in Palm Springs, Palm Desert. 

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  1. What I love the very most about this post is your awesome photographs!!! Pictures are worth a thousand words!!!!

  2. Right you are Jan, thanks for the visit.

  3. My husband loves driving on those kinds of road,looks a great road trip.
    maggie winter

  4. Nice pic's. Stay away from beans unless they are Sieva. M

  5. Very cool! Yes, you can count me out for rattle snake hunting too. Yikes!

  6. Margareta Spain, if you make it back could you leave a link so I can visit? Clicking on your name takes me to your google page that say nothing more then you haven't shared anything with me. Therefore, am unable to visit your blog; as there are no links.

  7. We go to Palm Springs at least once a year. Will have to look up this road sometime. Thank you, Sandy. xoA


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