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Marriott Time Shares

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This post can be used as reference material.  It's a small paragraph about the various Marriott Time Share's we either stayed in or seen doing tours.  There will be links provided if posts have previously been done on a particular location.

There are multiple ways to vacation at a Marriott Time Share.  If you own a time share you can reserve a week at your home resort (for those who own weeks under the old system), you can reserve one using Destination/Vacation/Trust Points if you've converted your weeks to Destination/Vacation Points (the newer system), AND you can reserve a week using Trust Points (newest system where you purchase points and not weeks), sometimes you can reserve one using Marriott Reward Points (you don't need to be a time share owner to have these), you can trade your week through Interval International for a location different from your home resort, and sometimes you can reserve and pay right out...just as you would for a hotel.

These are listed by the state, in alphabetical order.

Arizona: Canyon Villas at Desert Ridge is a beautiful facility with 1 and 2 BR's, and a quest suite/efficiency.  These are lock off's, which means the 2 BR can be converted into a 1 BR and an efficiency.  With this system you don't need to reserve more space then you need, AND even if you have the full 2 BR each side has it's own door.  That's particularly nice in a group situation, like 2 couples vacationing together.  It's close to a JW Marriott Resort which gives you the ability for fine dining, spa's and other recreational activities beyond the villas.  There's lots to see and do here, and it's on our list of places to return to.

California: We've not stayed in or seen the inside of Desert Springs Villa, but the outside is very impressive.  They look large and are in a very picturesque location.  Desert Springs Villas II were the next phase of the development.  We've stayed here.  You can walk from one to the other, in fact they share the rental office.  Villas II are a lock off situation like the above Canyon Villas in Arizona.  The dining room area is perhaps the most impressive area of the villa with floor to ceiling bay window area.  The quest/efficiency side is the smallest of those we've seen and the only one that didn't have a separate kitchen area from the bedroom.  The arrangement here was a large cabinet that housed the microwave, and dorm fridge.  Like Canyon Villas it's close to The JW Marriott Resort with access to fine dining and other activities.  However, Villas I has the use of the pool and recreation areas at the JW, whereas Villas II does not.  You can play golf at the JW regardless of which area you're lodged in.

Near by (not walking distance) the Desert Springs resorts is Shadow Ridge.  Shadow Ridge is also a lock off situation as described above.  It has easy access to golf and dining at Faldo's.  This is our personal favorite of those in Desert Springs/Palm Desert.  We've been here a number of times and plan to return.  The quest/efficiency area here is quite nice and roomy.
*There's a new phase here called The Enclaves, while newer and perhaps a bit more fancy with furnishings etc. we prefer the older area at Shadow Ridge called the Villages.

Newport Coast Villas very pretty common areas, beautiful views, magnificent sunsets.  Sorry no link yet with pictures (up and coming tomorrow), probably though not on the top of our we want to return list.  Newport Coast Villas are dedicated 2 BR.  The spacing is the same in that you have 2 BR 2 bath, living room, kitchen, laundry, and dining room like lock offs; but you have the one door and 1 balcony or patio vs 2.  This arrangement is far better for families with small children; as everyone comes and goes together.  There are links for Huntington Beach, and Crystal Cove (2 areas nearby that we enjoyed).

Colorado: Mountain Valley Lodge at Breckenridge.  Though I've blogged quite a bit about Breckenridge, to date I've not posted any pictures of the condo.  Here's a quick look at the outside. 
It's a ski area, though we were there in the summer.  The condo's are furnished like a ski lodge.  There's a 1 BR and and 1 BR suite.  The suite has a bath and half and sleeping for 3 in the living room with 2 in the pull out sofa and 1 in a day bed.  We really enjoyed our stay there.  The disadvantages perhaps is that getting there isn't that easy.  You fly into Denver then drive to Breckenridge, (2 hours), and you're up around 10,000 feet so the altitude can be an issue.  Since it's a ski area, there is limited access to outside from the condo.  A small screen balcony with room to stand, not sit with your morning cup of coffee.  There is no air conditioning here, as it's not needed in the mountains.

Florida: We've stayed at Ocean Pointe at Palm Beach Shores, and toured Oceana Palms at Singer Island.  Oceana is the newest facility, a good walk down the beach.  Ocean Pointe is a lock off arrangement (see above description), while Oceana Palms is a dedicated 2 BR.  Oceana Palms is fancy and newer, though hubby and I prefer Ocean Pointe.  There is a small walking community and you can go out to dinner from both locations without the need of a car.  We would certainly entertain going back at either location.

South Carolina: We've stayed on Hilton Head Island 4 or 5 times and love it there.  Marriott has a rather large presence on the island between the resort, 8 timeshares, and other accommodations in Residence Inn's etc.  We've stayed in 3 of the 8 Marriott Time Shares, and have seen them all from the outside.  All are very nice.  Some are in the harbor area, some on the beach, some on the marsh.  Heritage Club at Harbour Town is the smallest, the quietest and probably our personal favorite.  It's geared much more for adults then children and families.  There's golf there with your stay and hubby really enjoys that.  It's within walking distance to Harbour town, and is inside Sea Pines Plantation.   It's a dedicated 2 BR as all the timeshares on the island are.  A few locations have 3 BR's as well.  It's not on the water, but a short bike ride from the beach.  Grande Ocean is probably the largest and has the most ocean frontage.  We've stayed there a couple of times and would go back.  It's just inside Sea Pines Plantation and within biking distance of Harbor Town.  Marriott's Monarch is another favorite.  It's smaller then Grande Ocean but larger then Heritage, on the beach, in Sea Pines, with easy access.  Monarch is one of the timeshares that offers a 3 BR in addition to the standard 2 BR.

Ocean Watch Villas in Myrtle Beach are dedicated 2 BR, very small; probably the smallest of all the villas we've seen.  The resort itself is quite pretty and the beach is nice; but the people were crabby.  This is the ONLY Marriott we've been to that doesn't give people additional towels at the pool without charging extra.  They have several play areas for children and seemed geared more towards young families then couples or groups.  The buildings are highrises and by the time you pack up gear to go to the pool or the beach and get the elevator're worn out, lol.  You can't really walk or ride a bike anywhere from the resort to eat or shop.  If you want to stay put and play in the sand, or read pool-side this is probably a good match.

Utah: We've stayed at Summit Watch several times and have another trip already booked there.  We've toured Mountain Side also in Park City.  Both of these timeshares are lock-offs so 1 and 2 BR's as well as efficiency's are available.  These, like Breckenridge are ski resorts but great places to visit in summer months.   Park City is easier to get to, just a short drive from The Salt Lake Airport, and there's not an elevation problem to adjust to.  The biggest draw back to both of these locations is no outside feeling while indoors.  There are no balcony's.  Summit Watch is in downtown Park City with access to the mountain from the city lift. Mountain Side is on the mountain, a ski in ski out location.  There are many blog posts with information about the area, as there is much to do and see.  Just type Park City in the search at the top right corner of the blog. Mountain Side is larger, and newer and has more outside space with activities geared towards kids, and a larger pool.  We prefer Summit Watch, a bit more adult oriented, from our perspective.

Virginia: Marriott's Ford's Colony and the Sequel in historic Williamsburg.  Ford's Colony is a dedicated 2 BR and the sequel is a lock-off situation with the 1 and 2 BR's and quest/efficient suite.  The grounds are beautiful, right on the golf course.  There's a golf package based on your length of stay and owner ship level.  The villas are beautiful.  Hubby enjoyed the golf, though I'm not sure this is a location to return to.  The pool at Ford's Colony is very small and over run with screaming children, the pool at the Sequel is larger, but not by much.  It's the only Marriott timeshare we've stayed in without a pool bar.  They sell a few pop-cycles but that's about it.  The resort is nestled in an up-scale neighborhood so you feel like your not vacationing exactly.  You can walk around the resort and neighborhood, but on vacation I'd rather not feel like I'm walking around the block.

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  1. Reading your posts really makes me want to just jump in the car and take a road trip. One day, I hope we'll be able to do that. :)

  2. These sound like some wonderful vacation spots! I wish I could visit several of them.

    Tales of a Pee Dee Mama

  3. Not sure which one I want to stay in first, these all sound so nice :)
    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Me and my husband belong to a different condo vacation club. The condos look comparable. We went to Scottsdale last month. I like staying at condos because you get the flexibility of eating what you want when you want it and much more space than a hotel room.


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