Monday, July 8, 2013

Nicola Columbus Ohio

 Nicola's located agt 4740 Reed Road, Columbus, Ohio  43220.  Sorry for sorta self portrait here, with the sun we got a reflection, but you can see the hours this way.

 This is a very nice small, family owned Italian Restaurant in NW Columbus, Upper Arlington area.  My SIL and I had a nice lunch and really enjoyed the outdoor patio.  As you can see it's quite pretty, landscape nice and even though it's right off the parking lot, there is a wall and nice separation.

 The bar area looks most inviting and through the door you can see the private room where yo can have a private gathering.
 Moving up you see the bar area and get a glimpse at the nice wine selection.
 White table cloths, covered charis in the main dining room.  Quite pretty, well appointed and the tables aren't teeny tiny on top of each other.
 We enjoyed our wine and lunch salads and breads.  Giving you a glimpse of the enclosure and landscaping.  Say hi to my SIL, Jan.  She was working on final details of a book she's written.  She's a published child's author.  Check out her website.

I highly recommend Nicola's and look forward to returning.  I think it's better suited for adults given the menu, pricing, and atmosphere vs a family with children.

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  1. Thanks for visiting and leaving a link to this blog! I've never been to Columbus,or visited Ohio for that matter!
    I'm following now!


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