Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Our Lady of Sorrows in Olde Town Marbella

 Olde Town Marbella is a quaint area of Marbella, the historic district that is a must see if you visit.  We walked, shopped, and ate and never tired of what there is to see.  This little blue shuttered area was a bit hard to see looking up to the 2nd floor, but you can click to enlarge and you'll see a religious symbol.
 Not to mention the most interesting and colorful and OLD Bourgainvillea Vine.  I covers almost 3 stories on this old house and look where the root is.
 Hornacina Virgen De Los Dolores.  Christian Faith was imposed on the city in teh XV century and many niches were made of Saints and Virgins on buildings, and balconies to bless the people and the city.  These are particularly common in areas with an Islamic past such as Marbella.  The house has been dated back to the 17th century.
 You can see the clay tiles on the roof, and there appears to be a pizza place on the top floor..or perhaps that's an old sign?  We couldn't tell.
Another sign talking about the many street niches and their importance.

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  1. Hi Sandy .. fantastic photos - and yes I'd be over like a shot .. if there weren't other things to do! Gorgeous and I love the street niches and the fact you had the opportunity to learn about them ..

    Wonderful .. cheers Hilary

  2. Sandy! Enough of the Marbella posts already. I get it! I did not spend enough time is this gorgeous city! (You know I'm just kidding!) But, oh, after reading your posts and seeing your photographs, I keep kicking myself that I didn't spend more time there.

  3. Thanks all, much appreciate the visits and comments. Corinne...we didn't spend enough time either. If I had the extra $$, I'd go again tomorrow!

  4. So beautiful! I love the turquoise shutters on the building. And the vine is


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