Saturday, November 13, 2021

Traveling Through

This is a different kind of travel, one I've posted about before.  I do a lot of walking, put a fair number of miles in those travels.  I often see interesting things when my feet take me traveling.  I don't remember until recent years people decorating so much for Halloween, do you?
I have several walking routes through the neighborhood with options to hit 3 different city parks.  Most of the routes are between 4-5 miles.  The skeletons on a picnic was cute.
Another Skeleton themed decoration.

This is perhaps the most elaborate set up with the number of tombstones and even a gate to enter.

Do you decorate?  I don't.  Do you see many decoration in your neck of the woods?  

It's been beyond ages since I've blogged so this is just a quick post to get things rolling again.  Next post will be about a week we spent in South Carolina, do do come back.   

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  1. They've been going all out for Halloween around here for a few years, but in my childhood, no, it was more jack-o-lanterns and that was it. It is something to look out for on a walk, though.

  2. My experience is the same from childhood and different now with the decorating. Thanks for the visit Liz.

  3. I didn't notice much decorating for Halloween when I was a kid... I'm 68 now, but I lived in a small town, and don't know what they did in cities. Halloween if my daughter's favorite holiday for decorating, and my goodness, she does what she can on a modest budget. Nothing elaborate, just a lot of this and that, window clings, fairy lights, fake spiderweb on the porch.

    1. Beth would like to visit your blog, but clicking on your above post only takes me to your profile where there's no blog link.


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