Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Marriott's Ford Colony, Williamsburg, Virginia

The outside of our building at Marriott's Ford Colony in Virginia.  All the buildings are very Colonial in appearance, which is of course most appropriate given it's Williamsburg.  Well sorta.  Let me give you a mini amount of background.  This area just a short 10-ish minutes from Historic Williamsburg was previously known as Middle Plantation, but not the historic Middle Plantation.  Historic Middle Plantation is what became Williamsburg.  This area, Fords Colony is a premium planned community that really only came to be in about 1983, when in 1982 Middle Plantation Community failed.

The land originally was part of the territory of the Powhatan Chief (father of Pocahontas).  The area was involved in many conflicts/wars; but how it was passed from The Powhatan Chief to Middle Plantation and then Ford's Colony, I don't know.

All units here are 2 Bedroom, 2 bath units with a screened porch.  On this particular trip, our unit is the first floor you see there on the left.  Buildings face each other in this section with a nice courtyard in the middle.

Walking around the corner (our building is the one to the right of the sidewalk), you see well manicured lawns and landscaping.  It's a very pretty resort with a warm comfortable feel to it.

This is the office where you check in.  Again you see the well manicured and maintained public spaces.  

Small, but well appointed kitchen.

The bar area separating the kitchen from the dining room.

Lovely living room with fireplace on the right and out the sliding door is the screened porch where we spent a good deal of time.

You can see why we spent a good deal of time on the porch.  It was quite peaceful to read, knit, and or have our evening cocktails.

The 2nd bedroom with 2 closets, and sofa between.  Leading into the 2nd bedroom is the washer and dryer in a closet, next to the bathroom.  The suite is very nice with plenty of room.

Master bedroom.  A desk to the left of the bed, dresser to the right and a 2nd dresser not visible in the picture was the left of the end window.

Nice double sinks in the Master Bedroom.  There's both a jetted soak tub, and a separate shower in the Master Suite.

A bit blurry as I zoomed in to get hubby getting out of his golf cart.  Marriott's Ford Colony is situated right on a golf course.  Many of the Villas have a golf course view, though this trip; we didn't.  I was out walking when I spotted him.  There are 60 clubs with tennis and golf being very popular activities in Ford's Colony Planned Community.  You're close to Historic Jamestown as well, so plenty to do in the area.  However, it's also a good place to just relax, which is what we did.  We've been to both Jamestown and Williamsburg on other trips and just enjoyed the peace during this Covid trip.  We were able to cook in our villa, stay socially distant from other people and just enjoy our time away from home.

I walk almost daily.  Try to get 5 ish miles a day.  The walking and or biking path here is beautiful and mostly shaded.  The loop is about 4.5 miles and is scenic.  You're walking around the golf course.

And the gated housing community of Ford's Colony.  I walked, but bikes are available for rent through Marriott's Ford Colony on a daily or weekly basis.  They even have those trailer attachments for families with young children.

We enjoyed our time at Marriott's Ford Colony and plan to return.  As a Marriott Timeshare Member, golf is included with your stay.  You get a punch card with a number of free games.  On our first stay here, many years ago the number of games you got depending on your membership level.  This trip we got free golf daily.  Hubby played 4 or 5 times during the week, and I'm a non golfer.  You do need to rent a cart; but still it's a good deal.

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  1. Oh you're making me pine for the mid atlantic area. We moved from Annapolis area to Colorado a few years ago and miss the east so much. The hotel looks like our kind of place

    1. Thanks for the visit, I highly recommend you put this place on your list of travels. We definitely plan to go back.

  2. That looks like a great place to visit. Those must have been great walks.

    1. It really was a nice get away. I loved walking there, so pretty and peaceful. Thanks for the visit Liz always nice to see you here.


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