2014 A-Z Challenge

Time for another round of the A-Z challenge.  Last year I did the challenge with 4 of my 5 blogs, didn't find it a very positive experience.  This year I joined only with this one blog, The Traveling Suitcase Blog, hopeful it will be a more positive experience.

A = Airports
B = Baggage Claim
C = Carry On Luggage
D = Destination, When and Where when Traveling 
E = Enough and Everything with Travel
F = Foreign Travel
G = Group Travel
H = Historic Destinations
I = Interval International
J- Journals
K=Knitting Needles on Airlines
L=Loyalty Programs 
N=GPS, Garmin Why am I (Navigate)
O=Odors, Offensive, Overbooked 
P=Planes Fly the Friendly Skies
Q=Queue Up
S=Stranger Danger
T=Packing Toiletries 
U=Un-scheduled Time
V=Viu Bicing Vodafone in Barcelona
W=What's the Weather Like
X=Xenophobia and Xenia
Y=Yellowstone, Yugoslavia, Yemen, and Yukon
Z=Zipline Tours

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