Carlisle in Chillicothe, Ohio

Michael Warth lithograph of The Carlisle BuildingLook at the beauty of this by gone era. This fabulous piece of art, (by Michael Warth) shows you what The Carlisle Building looked like, back in the day. Can you picture yourself walking down an un-busy street with parasol in hand? This fabulous building is at the corner of Paint and Main Streets in Chillicothe, Ohio.
Pen and Ink Drawing of The Carlisle BuildingA marvelous Pen and Ink drawing also by local artist, Michael Warth who was gracious enough to let me post here on my blog is copyrighted. This unique historical structure has been a part of Chillicothe for many many years. Look at the grandeur of this building so well captured in his art work.
side view of The Carlisle BuildingMy photo taken about a week ago shows the sad deterioration of the building. In addition to it being empty for a good many years, an arson's fire in 2003 halted a plan to restore it to it's former beauty. The fire caused $600,000 to $700,000 of damage.
close up of Carlisle BuildingWhen it was built in 1885 it was indeed a crown jewel, with it's unique architectural features. Standing tall it was seen from almost everywhere in Chillicothe. It was at one time the tallest building in the city, and possibly the state, (several different accounts there, so one can't say for certain). Over the years it has served the city with distinction-housing many different businesses. Sadly it seems this 125 year old building will not be preserved. Funds to restore it aren't forthcoming from the absent land owners who let the building continue to stand vacant and fall further into disrepair. Some locals would love to see it restored, others feel the cost is too great. There's some talk that it may become a parking lot for other downtown business, while some feel that would be a waste of space. In many old photo's, post cards and historical views of the city this building is seen. What a pity it appears it will not go forward with the downtown revitalization in Chillicothe.

Do take time, walk and drive by and see this marvelous piece of history before it's too late. Because of the history in the area, Chillicothe has more then it's fair share of places listed as haunted places in Ohio. This building is included, though I did not come across a specific story to tell you about it.

Drive through The Park, (Yoctangee Park), formerly known as City Park and you'll see The Armory, used for many years to train National Guard and protect Chillicothe. The canon in front is a Civil War Canon. Chillicothe is truly full of interesting old architecture, and historic places to visit. I encourage you to take in Chillicothe, the States first Capital. All areas are suitable to all ages.

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  1. Hello Sandy,
    I think it is a crying shame when we do not restore great landmarks like this one. I was recently in Americus, Ga. where a grand hotel had been restored for many years now and it is such a wonderful experience to walk it halls and to sit on the balconies and view the downtown area. I think of the Fox Theater in Atlanta and what a glory it is. Hate to here this one will become history. The town will regret it one of these days.

    Friends 4 Life!

  2. I have always wished to be in historical places but I do not have much opportunities for travel. Well, glad to see these great and wonderful places here in Traveling Suitcase.

  3. I think your blog is the best place to decide vacations and holidays. Great tips here on travelling. keep up the good work.

  4. Columbus is the largest city in Ohio, and one of the largest in the midwest.
    The Columbus Zoo is one of the world's finest. Jack Hanna was the director of the zoo for several years, and he is the one who made it prosper.
    Zoombezi Bay is very close to the zoo, and is a huge waterpark.
    For shopping, check out Easton Town Center and Polaris area. There is lots of great shopping there.
    German Village and Arena District are full of fun things to do. Lots of great bars.
    Any trip to Columbus will not be complete without a visit to OSU Campus area. Tons of awesome things to do there.
    Columbus is one of the most Liberal and Artsy cities in the entire midwest.
    Columbus also has the second largest gay population in the U.S. (after San Francisco). So if that's something you're into, well, then you should have lots of fun.
    There is a whole lot to do in Columbus, and it will take you more than just a few days to see it all.

  5. David...firstly, did you bother to read, or look at the pictures. This post is not about Columbus, it's about Chillicothe. And 2ndly, some of your information is wrong. Columbus is most definitely NOT a liberal city. It votes R and conservative. Read the post next time and make an appropriate comment. One has to wonder if your spamming, so I'll keep an eye on you

  6. Thanks for sharing my art Sandy! Great post on my hometown. When the building caught fire it surprised and saddened many of us here in Chillicothe. The next day I rode my bicycle downtown to see it for myself. The watercolor painting you featured in your post was painted a few months before the fire. By the way, I love your blog! You have so many great inspires me to make a road trip or two! Happy blogging.



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