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Bill Moose Crowfoot and Flat Stanley

This Memorial sits on 3.5 acres of land at 2875 Lane Road in Upper Arlington, Ohio. The land originally donated by the city of Columbus is comprised of 39 granite boulders taken from The Scioto Riverbed and stands just over 9 feet tall. The tower of granite boulders resembles a TeePee. The memorial sits on a rise a short distance from Scioto River Road which follows The Scioto River. A fitting location since Bill Moose Crowfoot often walked these grounds, fished and hunted these grounds. He lived on the land as he learned from his father.
A short bio of Bill Moose under glass stands at the park entrance. (click to enlarge). Bill lived to be almost 100 years old, as did both his parents. His father died in 1871 at 100 years of age, his mother the following year in 1872 at the age of 106. Both are buried in The Indiana Cemetery in Upper Sandusky.
This small photo (original housed at The Ohio Historical Society) is curled and faded over time is visible beside the above bio of Bill…

Traveling Blog to Blog Business

I've not posted a new blog post for awhile purposely. I've been spending some time wedding out, cleaning up and trying to find a decent way to eliminate spam. I've deleted (almost all still working on it) comments that have nothing to do with the post at hand be they Chinese or Japanese ? characters, or non comments like visit my blog. Yes we all hope for blog walkers to take time and travel from one blog to another, to visit and read and make comments. We all love the interaction. Yes, the more people visit the more encouraged one is to visit their page so it's a two way street. All this internet travel is good, it's fun, and I encourage it. But....I will not visit your page when you leave a comment that says visit my page without taking the time to read or post anything appropriate to the blog post I made here. So, please if you're visiting make your comment (at least part of it) related to the blog post.

I've also been busy deleting lots of blogs …

Corn on the Cob and Flat Stanley, Dublin Ohio

This should start off your Friday with a laugh or at least a smile. Flat Stanley here next to 6 foot tall cement ears of corn. Don't rub your eyes you really are seeing lots and lots of these tall cement ears of corn. This is real, there are 109 such ears. I don't know why there are 109 to be exact. This "art"/joke can be seen at the corner of Frantz and Rings Roads in Dublin Ohio.

This is the first piece of public art The Dublin Arts Council paid for (with tax dollars mind you) and it got very mixed reviews. Many thought it was silly, some thought it was art, and to a few who knew why it was planted there it was historical. I've driven by the field of corn many times and wondered. I finally decided it was time to find out what the silly cement corn was all about. Sam Frantz used to farm here, (1935-1963) thus the name of the road. He was supposedly well known for his work with hybrid corns. I say supposedly, because living here some 50 years I've never heard …

Going to the Dogs, Breckenridge Colorado

Breckenridge Colorado is an active outdoor community with much to offer. I'll post about many activities in Breckenridge like skiing, kayaking, hiking etc; but this post is for all my friends with pets. With as much traveling as I do this is the first time I've seen a "special area like this". Look at that marvelous view of the mountains. You can enjoy beautiful blue skies, snow capped mountains while your dog can run, jump and chase in their very own very special Dog Park.

This park has more to offer then dogs catching flying freebies. There's a pavilion, tennis courts, picnic tables and more. There's nearly a full acre of land here at the park. Off on the edge of the park I noticed a trailhead for hikers.

This fabulous and very unique park is located just 4 blocks East of Main Street at the south end of High Street, super accessible. When I visited, it seemed visitors and locals alike were enjoying the area.

Free Seats available, Worthington Ohio

Flat Stanleys here with another Fun Friday with Flat Stanley adventure. St. John's Church was formed way back on Feb. 6th 1804. Can someone please do the math and tell me how old this church is? It indicates it's the First Episcopal Church established in the Northwest Territory. The sign tells us the church was completed in 1831. And that the historic graveyard in it's backyard was established with the burial of Captain Abner Pinney. You might know him, since he's a friend Stanley talked about before HERE.
This is the flip side of the sign Flat Stanley is showing you. The alter was brought with the original settlers and is still in use inside this historic little church on the corner of High Street and State Route 161 in Worthington, Ohio. The graveyard has 317 documented burials of which 5 are Revolutionary War Veterans and 7 are veterans of The War of 1812.
The church is The Gothic Revival Style. I've attended a wedding in this beautiful little church. …

Breckenridge, Colorado

The sponsorship of this post wasn't honored by Breckenridge Vacation Rentals and so was deleted. There will be multiple interesting posts about Breckenridge instead.

Special 4th of July with Flat Stanley

I can think of no better way to celebrate our Nations Birthday, The 4th of July then to honor a True American Hero. You often hear of a football player, or a golfer as being heroic from announcers on TV. They are not brave or heroic and I really dislike the misuse of the word.

Flat Stanley found this broken unreadable gravestone. Thankfully The DAR have done research and determined this gravestone marks the final resting place for Israel Case. Israel Case is a true American Hero, he fought for our Independence and that's heroic.

We all love an extra day off work to spend time with family and friends, to have a picnic or cook out; but....let us remember, let us teach what the true meaning of the day is. Find time to take the kids to one cemetery near you, help them find a true American Hero to honor. Take a small flag with you so the kids can leave one on a grave for someone who so nobly served. Look for The DAR marker and see if you can find a Revolutionary War Veteran to so …

Furniture adds to comfort when Traveling

Do you notice furniture and decor when you travel? I do and find it interesting and sometimes actually educational. Hotels, condo's, suites all are a huge part of our travel expense. I like comfortable surroundings and assume you all do too. The lobby's at hotels are always pretty, with attractive furniture, floral arrangements, art and I take it all in. Good accommodations when traveling is about more then a bed. I also find it's a great way to get new ideas for furniture and decorating ideas for home.

I've been noticing quite a trend towards contemporary furniturein our travels. My home tends to be more traditional so it's fun to see interesting new designs, and color combination's. Some of the modern bedroom furniture I've seen is functional as well as being hip.

Bedroom, dining room, living room, office, even kids furniture by quality Italian and European Designers is available at eroomservice the largest modern furniture store in The US. You …