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Golf, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Golf! Whether you live in or are traveling to Myrtle Beach this is a must. You really need to review this web page for EVERYTHING you need to know about golfing in the area. is truly an amazing website. The alphabetical listing of golf courses is at your finger tips, each with a live link where you can read a description of the course, as well as pricing.

The ease of booking your Tee Times 24/7 at your finger tips with course maps. The information is very complete from who designed the course to whether it's tree lined, or straight and long. For fun and more information, tips to improve your game and or just to keep you informed read and enjoy the Golf Blog also available to you with the click of your mouse.

Are you needing to stick to a budget? Are you wanting a package deal of accommodations as well as golf times? Look no further, 48 Hour Tee Times is your source. You can book at the last minute, or plan ahead. Plug in information about when …

Stanley at the Masonic Museum

Mason's have a long history of doing good, of helping people through a variety of different charities. This building was built back in 1820 which makes it almost 200 years old. This lodge is the oldest continuous lodge in existence in the State of Ohio; and the oldest lodge building west of The Allegheny.
Here's another view of the blue door with New England style sign indicting it's New England Lodge #4 F & AM, and that it was chartered way way back in 1803. That's the same year Ohio became a state. F & AM means Free and Accepted Masons. Their logo is a square and compass. Masons have 2 million members here in the United States with a total of 5 million members across England, Scotland, and Ireland. They are a fraternal group.

Most of you have probably attended a parade where Shriners wore what might appear to be funny hats and rode around in fun little cars. There is much more to the organization than that. One of the biggest charities supported by Shri…

Shook Cemetery, Port Clinton Ohio

Shook Cemetery on East harbor Road, on the north side of St. Ft #163 about 1 mile East of Chrisy Chapel Road. This pretty little historic cemetery is in Ottowa County in Port Clinton. A quick scan of the cemetery shows stones dating back as far as 1830.
We didn't spend much time at this little cemetery as it was getting dusk, it was starting to rain and the mosquitoes were out in force. But a quick look indicates the little cemetery is well cared for which always makes me feel good. It was mowed, and some of the stones had been repaired. No doubt in previous years the cemetery suffered as do many historic cemetery from time, the elements, and sadly vandalism. Some stones are quite readable, some only partially, and some not at all. This stone honor John Bennett who was in 1842 and died in 1863. How nice he has a GAR star and flag to honor his service in the Civil War.
Harriett M. wife of Jacob Brown born in July of 1807 and died in September of 1852. She was born a few year…

Lyme Village, Ohio

On the way to Lake Erie my sisters and I were surprised to find Lyme Village on route 4. We looked to the side of the road and saw a cluster of log cabins and got pretty excited. We pulled in to see what we could see. Lyme Village at 5001 St Rt 4 is just outside Bellevue Ohio. It's a non profit strictly run by volunteers re-created village. (poster shows scenes from the village)

In the center of the village is a 2nd Empire Victoria Home (shown in the center of the above poster) built between 1880-1882. This mansion belonged to John Wright. There are barns, log houses, a Detteram Log Church, an 1836 Greek Rivival style house, and even a one room school house. I purchased a few items at the darling gift shop.I love these single tea pots that include a cup.
*my finger is showing where the pot sits on top of the cup.

The buildings all predict life in The Firelands from 1800 to early 1900's. You can take guided tour to learn what life was like for our early settlers. The tour…

Breath Easy With Flat Stanley

Breathing is something everyone does, something we don't think about really. But, that was not always the case. Tuberculosis also called The White Plague killed 1 out of 9 people just in Columbus Ohio alone in the early 1900's. Think of 9 people you know, 1 in nine died because of a breathing problem.

Flat Stanley came across this Ohio State Historical Sign at 1520 Old Henderson. After reading both sides of the signs and researching further he learned what a remarkable woman Carrie Nelson Black was.

In 1898 Carrie started Instructive District Nurses Association, in 1911 she started Mother's Day in Ohio, in 1913 she help start an open air school on Neil Avenue. The open air school was open to children who lived in a home where one or more people were afflicted with TB. In 1921 she started the Countries first FREE Cancer Clinic!

She was a woman before her time, always caring for others, lobbying for better public health. She spent 30 years as President and CEO of The…

Mon Ami Winery, Port Clinton Ohio

Mon Ami winery has changed hands many times. It was originally Catawba Island Wine Company which was first organized way back in 1872 by a group of Islanders who grew grapes, though most principally the 3 families were: The Ellithorpe, Neals, and Laudy's. They made 130,000 gallons of wine. (pictured above Me, Julie, & Jan)

In 1937 the winery was purchased by Mon Ami Champagne Co. when they moved from Sandusky after the 18th amendment was repealed. At that time 55 men produced 400,000 to 500,.000 bottles of champagne and wine a year.
(picture from parking lot looking towards outside eating area)
In 1945, after a terrible fire gutted much of the winery the first floor restaurant was added.

In 1956 it once again changed hands. It was purchased by Norman Mantey, another Sandusky wine grower who's family had been in the business since the 1800's.
The Meier's Wine Cellars purchased Mon Ami in 1980, making it the largest producer in the state at 40-50-,000 gallons of wine.

River to Lake Freedom Trail, Ohio

The River to Lake Freedom Trail follows US Route 23 from Portsmouth Ohio along The Ohio River through Central Ohio, North of Marion County it follows State Route 4 to Sandusky and onto Lake Erie. This was one of the most frequently used corridors of the underground railroad. This historical sign is just south of Marion on Route 23 at a rest stop. Proving yet once again the need to keep one's open to see all there is to see. That travel and what we can learn from travel can be right in front of our eyes. Who knew a bathroom break could be so enlightening?

The flip side of this historical marker tells a story about Bill Anderson, or Bill Mitchell and slavery. I've left the picture large, and you can go larger still by clicking so you can read the account of his running away, being found out, tried, and freed. Wonderful to read about the Quakers and his ultimate escape to Canada through help of many.

As I read this, I felt both good and bad. I felt good to read he had escap…

Signs and Flat Stanley, Worthington Ohio

Silly Stanley, it's Saturday not Friday, so this I guess will be less fun? The post scheduled for yesterday's Friday Fun with Flat Stanley got deleted I guess, so this will be a message of safety from Stanley about signs on Saturday. But, the Friday Fun will return this Friday June 18th. Stanley observed this sign while on a recent photo session and wanted to share with you, but couldn't get his picture taken by the sign because it was up to high on the building. Do you know what this is? Do your children know what this is? This particular sign is posted at post office in Worthington Ohio. If you click to enlarge the picture I think you can see capacity 52.

According to Wikipedia, a fallout shelter is an enclosed space specially designed to protect occupants from radioactive debris or fallout resulting from a nuclear explosion. Many such shelters were constructed as civil defense measures during the Cold War.During a nuclear explosion, matter vaporized in the result…

Marblehead Lighthouse, Lake Erie, Ohio

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The day after the tornado's hit Northern Ohio the sky was beautiful blue and the sun shone brightly. Though the air was cool, the sun was warm. Marblehead Lighthouse was built in 1821 with a 50 foot beacon. In 1903 15 additional feet were added making it's beacon 65 feet. The Marblehead Lighthouse was built by William Kelley from limestone and became an Ohio State Park in 1998.

Here on Lake Erie it attracts visitors from all over. Lake Erie is the 12th largest freshwater lake in The World, is the most shallow of the 5 Great Lakes, measures 210 miles long, 57 miles wide and has approximately 871 miles of shore land to enjoy. That's a lot to explore folks.

Marblehead Lighthouse is the oldest continuously operated lighthouse in The Great Lakes, and one of the most photographed scene's in the area. Come spend the day walking the shoreline with views of Lake Erie, Sandusky Bay, Kelleys Island, and South Bass Island. You can even see the …

Port Clinton, Ohio

The list of things to see and do in and around Port Clinton are numerous and so this post will be part I.

Port Clinton lies on the north coast of Lake Erie in Ottawa County and is known as, the "Walleye Capital of the World". So there is your first clue about what to do while in Port Clinton. Fishing! Everywhere you look you see people fishing. Some fish from shore, others from boardwalk's and bridges, and many from boats. Lots of marina's to dock your boat, or to enjoy a stroll to take in the sites.

Camping, swimming, shopping, and site-seeing are a few more of the items on the large list of things to see and do.

DeWitt Clinton a New York Stateman proposed building a canal from the mouth of The Portage River in Sandusky County to The Ohio River in Cincinnati. 1212 acres of land were purchased, and a surveyor selected. Several years later in 1827 the selected surveyor, General Lytle's stepson bought the same 1212 acres for a mere $1,000.00 and began platting t…