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Marriott's Monarch Resort, Hilton Head Island

Marriott's Monarch at Hilton Head Island, like Harbour Club, and Heritage Club (see two previous posts) is nestled inside the prestigious Sea Pines Plantation. Unlike Harbour Club and Hertiage Club, it is also on the ocean. Monarch is where it all began for Marriott. Marriott got it's start in time shares in Hilton Head and has a huge presence there. Additionally Monarch was the first of all Marriott's time shares. Though it's the oldest, don't let that fool you. It has resently gone a complete rehab. Marriott has on going projects so no facility/resort ever get's truly outdated.
Monarch is the largest of the 3 resorts inside Sea Pines with 4 buildings and a much larger resort area then the other two. Because of it's size, and it's location on the beach; it is more suitable for families with children. The 4 buildings are Magnolia, Dogwood, Camellia, and Azalea...are you getting a feel for the place yet? It's quite pretty with wonderful land…

Harbour Club at Harbour Town, Hilton Head

Harbour Club in Harbour Town on Hilton Head Island has a very nautical feel, as well as a very southern low country atmosphere. It's located only steps from restaurant and shops with fabulous water views, and still within the confines of the prestigious Sea Pines Plantation; just as Heritage Club is. If you're into boating more then beach activity this is an idea location. Tennis and golf activities are at hand as well.
Looking through the moss covered trees towards the resort you truly feel like you're in the low country. In fact, if you don't look could miss it.
A comfortable large lobby area with plenty of common space gets plenty of use. Many social activities take place here for both Heritage Club and Harbour Club.
And what we look and feel more southern then a grand staircase leading to wide balcony's where you sit in rocking chairs and enjoy the serenity? Beyond the beautiful waterfall area is a large cheese game if you feel like making …

Heritage Club at Harbour Town, Hilton Head

The Marriott's Heritage Club at Harbour Town in Hilton Head, is as you can see, in a secluded wooded area. Would be a great place to get in out of the sun during the hotter spring and summer months. It was a bit cool for us in January; but as we traveled about to other areas of the Island we were very comfortable. (if you missed the previous post, scroll back for a color coded map of the Island to help you with locations.........the locations are significant).

Once you enter to register, these marvelous southern style stair cases take you to the 2nd floor common area. It's quite pretty and relaxing. Many of the resorts social activities take place here. A great way to get to know other quests.

Often there are member meetings held here, special events in the game room for the younger set (teens mostly), are located just beyond the bar area here on the 2nd floor. Welcome nights for the adults, and a fun after golf gathering took place here with wine and cheese. They had a …