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Gifts that Travel

Did you notice that? Free is always such a fabulous word, made up of just 4 letters, 2 consonants and 1 vowel that repeats itself. You might think you don't need business cards, maybe you're not even in business; but everyone needs them. Say you're traveling, on vacation and meet someone you wish to exchange information need a business card. 250 FREE cards...what an offer, don't pass it up.

But Vistaprint has far more to offer then business cards. You can costume order hats, t-shirts, tote bags, magnets, and calendars and more. Vistaprint offers items to aid anyone in their business, as well as items needed in day to day personal lives. Are the kids on a sports team? Are you involved in an organization through your church or school? Design brochures, gift certificates, notecards, signs and banners.

Think of special Christmas gifts you can design, make them personal. How bout a special calendar for the members in your family from pictur…

Restaurant Season

While this picture is a Lemon Drop Martini I made at home, it makes me think of summer and "Restaurant Season". Why? People are out and about more in summer, people travel, go on vacation and therefore tend to eat out more. Recently one of the martini glasses I packed in my suitcase got broken. That got me thinking about This restaurant supply website has hundreds of items for sale. Shop right from the comfort of your computer chair. Open a free account, add items to your shopping cart and away you go. One of the items I noticed right off the bat, was a Polycarbonate Martini Glass!

Hosting a wedding, a conference or large family reunion? Hospitality supplies and Hotel Cleaning Supplies are also available. You might not be concerned with cleaning like a hotel does, but the supplies you need to put on an event are pretty much the same. Maybe you need linens, tables, chairs and other related items to pull it all together. Maybe, you're having a …

Olympics, Park City Utah View

This sign post lists locations of winter Olympics and their distance both in miles and kilometers and is located just off historic Main Street in Park City, Utah.

The sign reads:
Grenoble, 5,342 miles. The Olympics were there in France in 1968, Winter Olympics that is. And from this knows the distance to the various spots other Winter Olympics have been held. The Olympics were held in that spot in 1968.

Lillehammer 4,801 miles away in Norway was the site of 199 Winter Games. I well remember this one, loved seeing people scoot about town on those funny little sleds. This perhaps was the one of most interest to me. Love the stories behind the scene. Not sure, in truth I had ever heard of Lillehammer before the Olympics.

Nagano is some 5,485 miles away in Japan and was the site of the 1998 Olympics, which I don't remember at all. Perhaps I didn't watch that year, but confess I had to look up the name Nagano; though thought it to be Japan........really had no…

Pizza House Columbus, Ohio

Hopefully you can read the motto posted on the menu at The Pizza House. The Pizza house a family owned business for 50 years serves pizza, sandwiches, as well as veal and spaghetti. The menu is varied and priced well for both lunch and dinner 7 days a week.

A neighborhood establishment located at 747 Lincoln Avenue, across the street from it's original location on Sinclair Avenue is a marvel. Against big powerful chain operations it has done more then maintained. It's grown and improved and delights the older original customers as much as the newer, 2nd or 3rd generation customer.

They offer dine in or carry out and something on the menu for anyone adult or child. The restaurant has always been family oriented, though back in day, was an awesome place for a date, or pizza after the local high school football game.

Good food, good service, and good pricing. They also offer Gluten Free specials, so much in need in this day and age.

Bill Colasante has been part of The Pizza…

How to Safely Pack Wine and More

When we travel, here there and everywhere......Domestically or Internationally. We always pack kitchen essentials to aid us. This small Bread Dipping Seasoning pack is just the thing. We have larger ones at home, and have been (until this new find), packing those. We like to cook in a good number of our meals. This seasoning pack has 4 different blends, all good for seasoning your olive oil for dipping bread, or adding to pasta (always a favorite meal for us). I also think you could use this to flavor meat for the grill (beef, pork and chicken). The Flavors in this blend are: Sicilian Blen, Tuscany Blend, Parmesan Blend, Rosa Maria. 4 Flavors, 4 separate shaker areas, and the whole thing only weights .60 oz....perfect even when flying vs traveling by car.
Wine carriers a MUST in our travels. These come packaged 3 in a container, we recently purchased 2 packs. We've used these in the past with wonderful success.
They are easy to use, slid the bottle in and Zip it shutSi…