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Brunch at SqWires in St. Louis

I love a good Bloody Mary.  This was a very good one.  Actually it's a Bloody Mary Bar.  You get a carafe of Bloody Mary already mixed with Vodka, and add whatever your heart desires.  They had lemon, lime, celery, horseradish, pickles, olives, blue cheese squares, hot peppers, and more.  I went with banana peppers, pickles, olives, and celery and horseradish in mine.  It was yummy.  I refilled several times and still had mix left in my carafe.  You'll see the carafe further down in pictures.
 My Darling Daughter is partial to Mimosa's, which is also an option as they have a Mimosa Bar  with lots of choices of fruit and goodies to add to your drink.  The environment is very comfortable.  Check out the piano player under all the neat antique radios.  They have entertainment for Happy Hours on both Friday and Sat nights, as well as Sunday morning brunch.  Brunch starts at 10 am.
 Decorations are interesting, flowers, and unusual arrangements like this one in the window by …

HandleBar in The Grove St. Louis

There's a story behind the animal prints and me climbing up on this rather large bike sculpture, (HERE), but for now let me tell you about Handle Bar.

The bike sculpture is outside the bar, and once inside you understand why.  Bikes also hang from the walls and ceiling,
It's a friendly, neighborhood establishment located in The Grove in St. Louis on Manchester Avenue (4127)
Where it's not uncommon to see people really relaxing, playing games or cards.
Born in Moscow, Tatyana immigrated in 1999.  She was homesick for her native land, but soon fell in love with the city of St. Louis and moved there in 2005.  She rode her bike through all the parks, The Riverfront, and interesting neighborhoods St. Louis has to offer and realized she could truly commute on her bike, not something possible in Moscow.  She was free to pick a destination, hop on her bike and just pedal.  She opened HandleBar in 2010 at the Old ChurchKey Bar5 location to share her interest in healthy food with …

Reservations for Two at Your Marriott Villa

Here we are with another Menu Monday adventure.  This however, isn't about which restaurant to eat out, this is an alternative.  Traveling can be expensive, eating out all the time even more so.  We like to stay in condo's where we have a kitchen and care prepare most of our meals in.  We picked up a delicious stuffed chicken breast from Whole Foods.  One was more then enough for a really good meal for the two of us.  We had left overs which came into play another night.  Nice dinner rolls, stuffed chicken breast baked in the oven, fresh green beans seasoned with fresh Pancetta, and nice bottle of wine.  A meal as nice as many out.  The chicken is easy, put it in the oven for about an hour while you're having cocktails.  Lightly brown a few pieces of Pancetta in a skillet (and you really only need a few pieces because it's so flavorable), then add the green beans after they've cook for a few minutes in the microwave.  A meal for about 12.00 without the cost of th…

Historic Churches Bluffton South Carolina

As you walked around Olde Town Bluffton, you can stop and read these signs and maps.  Though I think it's still best to get the free pamphlet at Heyward House Museum.

This is The Church of the Cross.  Beautiful gardens surround it.  The colors really caught our attention and we actually parked and started our tour here.  However, The Heyward House Museum is considered to be the first stop and probably the best place to begin.   This is a Gothic style, built in 1854 as a replacement for a smaller Chapel of The Cross.  Rev. James Stoney was the first Rector. 

The church was not burned during the fire1863, it was spared by the Union troops.  Sadly the great storm of 1893 caused lots of damage.  In 1975 the church was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
The windows are quite large and very deep.  They must have let lots of air in during the summers heat.
The beautiful organ.  The name Stoney might ring a bell with you.  On Hilton Head Island The Stoney-Baynard Ruins …

Take and Bake Pizza

*It's Menu Monday*
 Mama Mimi's Take and Bake Pizza.  Always made with fresh tasty ingredients.  A nice way to do quick, easy, affordable gourmet pizza at home.  There are several locations here in Columbus, Ohio.  These came from the Grandview location at King and North Star.  Picked them up on my way home from work.  I like the lighter pizza's with white sauce and or oils.
Hubby prefers red sauce and a combo of meat and veggies.  A small pizza a piece is perfect.  If you've not tried Mama Mimi's Take and Bake Pizza, I encourage you to do so.  Pizza's come with directions about how to cook them.  You'll not be disappointed.  Generally cheaper then a wood fired pizza you'd get out, perhaps a bit more then a regular pizza...depending on what you put on your pizza.

When we travel, we also enjoy Take and Bake.  In Hitlon Head we've ordered from TJ's multiple times and have never been disappointed.  There too there are multiple locations.  We've …

Foggy Day on Hilton Head

You may not be able to tell, but this looking out at the beach from my balcony at Marriott's Monarch on Hilton Head Island.  It was an unusual morning in January of 2013.  Some fog rolled in the previous evening around 4 pm, but only lasted a short while.  This morning fog lasted several hours.
 It was odd, pretty, and sorta eery all at the same time.   Was interesting how quiet everything seemed as well.  Hubby and I relaxed after breakfast in the villa until the fog lifted and then went out and enjoyed the day.
If you look real carefully, you can see the pool.  We've never experienced this before even though we've been to Hilton Head 4 times, so thought I'd share these few pictures with you.

Olde Town Bluffton, South Carolina

The Heyward House, Visitor Center, in Olde Town Bluffton.  This house is one of only 15 buildings that survived being burned in 1863 by The Union.  But, let's back up a bit.  Bluffton is an easy day trip for anyone visiting Hilton Head Island.  It's about 8 miles one way, around 15 minutes depending on traffic.  Bluffton is situated on the May River, has bluffs over looking Glenn Cove, Heyward Cove, Huger Cove, and Verdier Cove.  You get the picture of lots of water.  Bluffton was once a summer place for the rich and famous.  Though plantations were vast holdings of land and typically worked by slaves, the land owners apparently still needed to "get away".  The area, the low country wasn't the nicest or easiest place to live with rats, mosquito's, alligators and the like.  The very weather and swampy conditions that could make a white plantation owner wealthy were also the very conditions that were hard on his family.  Yellow fever was a constant threat in …

Waving Girl, Florence Martus in Savannah

Florence Martus the daughter of German immigrant is memorialized here in Savannah, Georgia.  There is much folk lore about this woman, and a fair amount of confusion/mystery about her.  Some information indicated she was born in 1869 and other information reports the date of 1868.  Her father immigrated to this country at the age of 14, served in The Civil War and later a Sergeant at Fort Pulaski.  

She was born in Elba Island, not Savannah and lived the bulk of her life in Elba.  However, stories indicate she had a fascination with ships in the harbor.  She waved a white handkerchief by day and lantern by night for 44 years.  She greeted the ships and the sailors.  She may have been in love with one that returned, say some; though others question there is nothing documented that indicates this was in fact, fact.  Either way, she is fondly remembered as the women who welcome ships into the harbor.

She lived with brother, George who for a time was The Lighthouse Keeper at Cocks…

Lunch in Bluffton South Carolina at 55 Vineyard

The 55 Winery in Olde Town Bluffton also called 55 Vineyard is located at 55 Calhoun St and is a must stop when visiting Olde Town Bluffton.  A great day trip, only about half an hour from Hilton Head.  As you can see very quaint little winery with a wonderful wine selection.  It's rustic interior is very comfortable whether sitting at one of tables made from wine barrels or the small bar.
 They have an excellent and very comfortable patio, covered for sun protection with outside fans during warmer weather.  The menu is varied.  We opted for personal pizza and a choice of adult beverages for lunch.  It's peaceful and relaxing there on the patio.  Even has a porch swing at one end, several rocking chairs in addition to the tables and chairs. 
 Another view of the inside.
 Oophs, my wine glass is empty.  This problem can be solved as I preview the list of what we've already seen and what we'll see next on our walking tour of Bluffton.
 Hey, let's try a picture of t…