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Hilton Head, South Carolina

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina is the destination for many summer vacations for families for fun in the sun and on the beaches. It's also the golf destination for many groups with more golf courses then almost anywhere else to pick from. It has though, so much more to offer. On a cool January day hubby and I did some tromping around the Island. This wonderful Veterans Memorial honors Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine Veterans of all wars from Hilton Head. The memorial reads, "From a Grateful Nation". You're looking down towards The Memorial here with a natural amphitheater in the foreground. Low lands grasses, and walkways surround The Memorial.
As you approach either side there are steps honoring the various services.
The walk way and platform of The Memorial are filled with names in honorary bricks, I assumed these bricks have to be purchased from friends and family. I wasn't able to find anything about the bricks…

Schiller Park Part II (German Village)

In Part I of Schiller Park we learned this park is old, has a very long and rich history, was involved in books being burned, involved politically long before being politically correct came into the picture. This park is much more then grass and trees. You expect grass and trees at any and all parks, but this one has much more to offer and learn and enjoy. You can read Part I HERE
Schiller Park named for Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller, a man of enlightenment can to this day enlighten all who visit and take time. As you stroll about the park, walk or run about the park, chase children and dogs about the park..........take time. On the paths that surround beautiful flower beds are poetic phrases and quotes to ponder.

When most people think of William Tell, they probably think about Robin Hood and arrows and apples on peoples heads. However here in stone are some of his words to ponder, to contemplate and to share.
There are many quotes in the park. I photographed a few of m…

Schiller Park Part I (German Village)

Flat Stanley here in Schiller Park, previously known as Washington Park, and City Park. Schiller Park a large old park has more then grass and trees. Bordered by City Park Avenue, East Deshler, Reinhard Avenue, and Jaeger Street it's a well known spot in German Village in Columbus, Ohio.

The site of family picnics, Shakespeare in the park, large beautiful old trees to sit under and watch the kids and the dogs frolic about, or nap while others fish. This park is active, beautiful and very historical. It's been the place to be, the place to avoid, and happily again the place to be.

Historically it was a place for concerts, for festivals including German Songfests, holidays like The 4th of July. It's even been the spot for The State of Ohio Fair in 1864 and 1865, the Civil War Years. In 1871 it was the place to celebrate the end of The Franco-Prussian War with a Peace Celebration.

A busy, productive and active German-American Community thrived here. Originally the area…

Signer of The Declaration

Coming into Hilton Head on Day 1 of a recent trip, we spotted this sign on the right side of route 278. We spotted the sign as we pasted and so turned around at the next wide spot to see what it was. I don't recall seeing this on our first trip to Hilton Head, last year. However, if you're clipping along it's easy to zip right past. We hadn't yet even checked into our condo so stopped only briefly to get a photo and read the sign. Signer of The Declaration, that's impressive.

At the time this tree covered little land with a gate appeared to be private property, and was right next to a small house or house trailer as I recall. We didn't follow the inviting country lane. Though we should have. Apparently the remains of White Hall Plantation and a family cemetery where Thomas Heyward, Jr. is buried is here. This is on the list of things to explore further on our next trip. Yes...we already have a 3rd trip planned to Hilton Head. There is so much to see a…

Who's Slacks are these? Drycleaning and Packing

The Traveling Suitcase just got back from an interesting and fun trip to Hilton Head. Let me share this story and subsequent packing tip as a result.

We had reservations at a nice restaurant and so I was changing to prepare to go "out" for dinner. Had a lovely hand made jacket purchased at a art fare, dressy slacks, jewelry all laid out and ready. As I slipped the slacks on I was puzzled. They were hiphuggers. I NEVER wear hip huggers, hate them...even know their stylish. I think everyone looks nicer in something that actually comes to your waste; and for me something that actually comes to your waste is far more comfortable too. I looked again at the slacks, groaned, and thought were these slacks hubby had purchased for me somewhere along the line that I had forgotten were hiphuggers? Ok, well...guess I just wear my top out. No one will see they don't look as nice, I guess; I'll just be uncomfortable. ...sigh... WAIT, that's not possible! These slacks…