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Marriott's in Hilton Head, South Carolina

*those circled in yellow are timeshares located in Sea Pines, those circled in blue on the beach, orange located on the marsh side of the Island,... Green is The Residence Inn, and Red The Resort both non timeshare locations*

If you want a quiet relaxed vacation at Hilton Head, think Marriott. If you want an active beach vacation with the kids think Hilton Head, if you like to golf...think Hilton Head. Are you a history buff, think Marriott's at Hilton Head.

Marriott has a huge presence on Hilton Head Island, something for anytime of year, and a variety of budgets. Not only that, but you can focus on the type of vacation you want by the location.

There are 3 Marriott Time Shares in the prestigious Sea Pines Plantation. Marriott's Heritage Club and Marriott's Harbour Club both in Harbour Time, Mariott's Monarch on the beach. Both Heritage Club and Harbour Club are within walking distance to shopping, dining, and the harbour. The Monarch has beautiful beach front view…

Sticky Fingers, Charleston South Carolina

It's Menu Monday time.
Well, doesn't that look good! Though this mouth watering picture of Ernie's Pecan Pie is on the wall at Sticky Fingers in Charleston, South's not on the menu. Got our attention because both hubby (who's name is Ernie by the way), and I love Pecan Pie.

We choose Sticky Fingers for dinner on our recent trip to Charleston because it was close to our hotel, Marriott's Renaissance in the historic district. We had walked, and walked, and walked all day long and wanted something close. During the day we had passed (several times) Sticky Fingers that seemed busy with customers, and assumed that to be a good sign. wasn't.

Our meals were very disappointing, again! We've heard raves about how good the food is in the south and so far I would argue that's not true. The decor is interesting, as the building there at 235 Market Street has 100 year old pine floors and dates back to 1875. Our waitress was friendly;…

Biking on Hilton Head Island

There she is, my beautiful lime green bike with basket and lock. We had quite a good time the week we spent together. Rentals are everywhere on the Island, save yourself the trouble of transporting your own bike and rent for a very reasonable rate once you're there. There are public rentals, rentals at hotels, rentals on the various plantations. All are easy to obtain and reasonably priced. I rented my Lime Green Companion for $30.00 a week from Marriott's Vacation Time Shares. Each time share has an arrangement, making the process very easy. I've rented in the past while staying at Grande Ocean where due to the size of the facility there's a rental shop right in one of the parking garages. This year, we stayed in Heritage Club in The Sea Pines Plantation. I simply let the front desk know I needed a bike, and within 10 minutes the "bike guy" pulled up in his truck and got one ready for me. Quick and easy. At weeks end, I merely left my bike in the …

The Courtyard in Hilton Head, South Carolina

Hilton Head South Carolina typically makes most people think of sun, surf, sand, beach, and golf. I like all those things too; but there's so much more in Hilton Head. I'm not a golfer, so when hubby plays golf I rent a bicycle and explore. I love history and there's much of it there in Hilton Head, and I love yarn....I like to look at it, finger it, buy it, knit with it, and crochet with it. Located at 32 Palmetto Bay Road, #10-A in The Village Exchange, I was able to ride by bike to this yarn shop. Not once, but twice! On my first trip I met a lovely lady named Judy, who was manning the shop. She was very helpful. I had my sunglasses on while riding, and you can't see colors of yarn well with sunglasses once inside you take them off, right? Argh, now I can't read the labels, what type of yarn is it, what's the yardage etc. Judy was very helpful, very friendly and helped me out. I purchased 2 skeins of yarn with her help.

See the lovely…

Smokehouse Charleston, South Carolina

This will be the first of many post about food during my travels. I'll be posting restaurant reviews on what I'll call Menu Monday's.

As the sign reads this is Southend Brewery Smokehouse, circa 1880 and is located at 161 E. Bay Street, Charleston, South Carolina, right on the corner (see street light), very near the waterfront.

Taking this photo was an after thought as we left after a late lunch. After thought....key words. Don't be mislead by the very nice webpage, the photo's showing white table cloths, the words fine dining, or best brewery, or must be experienced and not to missed, or even beautiful building.

Yes it has some unique character with old wood floors, and a glass elevator which takes you to the 3rd floor, though that doesn't make up for the bad food or bad service. I had a watery Bloody Mary and a very greasy and flavorless hamburger, and cold fries. Now not being a health fanatic, I actually enjoy a good greasy hamburger from time to time..…