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Low Mileage Travels

(pretty pink lillies in my backyard, notice the rain drops on the 2nd photo)

Gas isn't cheap, time can be tight, so can money. That doesn't mean you can't travel. It's summer, pack the kids up and head out for a day. Pack a picnic lunch, play in the park, see a lighthouse, visit a museum (always good to get in our of the rain or hot sun), go swimming on the shore, visit the zoo, visit and learn from one of the many historic areas, take a walk, go for a hike, sit by a water fall. All of that exists locally! Right here in Ohio.

Here are 28 adventures with Flat Stanley, something for everyone. Use his guidelines when you visit similar areas in your area. Kids can learn all summer can you!

Check out adventure in the little town where I was born, Urbana, less than an hour from the center of the state.

Dance, watch a sunset, have a picnic, enjoy life music, visit historic parks or landmarks in the parks in the Capital of Columbus

Visit the state's first Cap…

Traveling your BackYard

Traveling doesn't have to mean buying a plane ticket or packing the car. Turn on your sound and travel with me around my back yard.

Well, phooey, I can't seem to upload the movie I made for you all. So will post separate pictures. My suggestion is to take the kids around and identify the flowers in your yard. Then go for a walk around the neighborhood and see if they can find the same types of flowers as yours. Let them color a picture, take a photograph, then look up the flower they like best on the computer and learn something about it. That could be a good days activity.

Do math, by counting and adding how many varieties you have, how many of a certain color, add to that what they see when you go for your walk. Do spelling with the names of the flowers (not the scientific names, heck most of us adults can't spell those). Make a word puzzle with the words. Everyday can be an adventure, and a learning opportunity.

General Eichelberger and I, Famous!

Rarely do I leave home without my camera, even when I'm not on vacation and doing "real traveling". Why? well, you just never know when something might present itself. I have a small easy, inexpensive for just that reason. I can put it in my purse. Remember you can always enlarge the pictures by clicking on them. While traveling to and from Urbana, Ohio to visit my elderly aunt in an assisted living center, I spotted this historic sign, right across from Mercy Hospital in a beautiful lush green park setting. Come to find out, I'm not the only famous person to have been born in Urbana, Ohio. Imagine that! General Robert Lawrence Eichelberger was born there too, so slightly before my time since he was born in 1886.

His list of accomplishments is huge and quite impressive. He graduated from West Point as a 2nd Lt. in the Infantry, married the daughter of a judge in North Carolina and served. Boy, did he serve our country. He served in Panama, on the Mexican …

The ABC's of Travel

Summer will soon be here and the kids will be out of school, if they're not already. No doubt you'll be thinking about where to take a family vacation...OR, if you're without children at home where to take a non family oriented vacation.

Here's some ideas for you in Alphabetical Style, there's something here for everyone. (all bolded and or colored type are live links, just click to get where you're going)
Eating and Drinking and Being Happy in ArubaIguana's in Aruba (the kids will love them)
Claudia's Bar in Aruba (for the adults)
General Information about Aruba

Golf in the desert
Marriott's Canyon Villas, great place to stay for adults and or families
Sedona AriZona (teens and adults, not well suited for young children)
Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright (teens or adults best)
Montezuma's Castle (not for young children with the hiking and climbing)
Grand Canyons (can see lots from the car and on over looks so can be family geared if you…